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Alternative Architecture for Exchange On-Premises (Virtualization)

Posted by Andrew Higginbotham on Aug 29, 2017 6:00:00 AM

In my previous article in this series, we discussed Exchange “Alternative Architecture” options for medium-to-large businesses. We specifically covered common storage design options and which were ideal to design the best solution for a customer that has decided to remain on-premises and chosen to not follow the Preferred Architecture. To reiterate, I’m a big fan of Office 365 and the Preferred Architecture but I understand many customers will not follow either of these two routes. Therefore, if they deviate from either of these options they should at least follow the recommended guidance that can increase the uptime and better the performance of their solution.

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Your Weekly Exchange and Office 365 Digest - 10.23.15

Posted by Joel Brda on Oct 23, 2015 1:06:49 PM

In case you were caught up in the spectacle surrounding "Back to the Future" day this week, here's what you may have missed in the Exchange and Office 365 world:

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Topics: Exchange Hybrid Deployments, Exchange Server, Preferred architecture, Exchange 2016, hybrid configuration wizard

The Future of Microsoft Exchange (Online) Webinar Unraveled

Posted by Joel Brda on Jun 24, 2015 7:19:00 PM

With Exchange 2016 fever in the air, many admins are left with looming questions about what changes this new iteration will bring.

ENow’s Microsoft Exchange Server MVP Michael Van Horenbeeck recently partnered with MSExchange.org to host a webinar that would clear up some lingering questions surrounding Exchange 2016 and beyond.

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