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Vasil has been actively involved with Office 365 for over four years now. He spent over an year as Support Engineer for Microsoft Online Services with one of Microsoft's vendors, working with BPOS and Office 365 customers. Switching sides, he later held support positions with several multinational enterprises, before finally moving to a consultant role. This varied experience allows him to have an unique perspective on the ins and outs of the Office 365 suite. He has closely followed the evolution of Microsoft's cloud offerings, starting with BPOS, with expertise covering all stages of the Office 365 lifecycle. He holds a charter member certification for Office 365 (MCITP and MCSA), and has been awarded as Microsoft MVP for second year in a row.

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Using custom policies with Skype for Business Online

Posted by Vasil Michev MVP on Mar 7, 2017 12:54:51 PM

Another feature introduced at Ignite 2016 has now been released to the public, including the ability to create and modify Skype for Business Online Policies. Before diving into the details, here’s a short introduction of SfB policies and what they are used for.

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Topics: Skype for business

Using smart links to improve the login process to Office 365 applications

Posted by Vasil Michev MVP on Feb 15, 2017 2:46:48 PM

Just a few years ago identity federation such as AD FS was the de facto standard for managing authentication in Office 365 for every large organization. It gives you better control over the process, and the convenience of seamless single sign-on (SSO) for your users. With the introduction of password sync and now pass-through authentication, an argument can be made for replacing AD FS for some Office 365 customers. Nevertheless, AD FS remains a viable, highly customizable option and offers a simple way to ensure seamless SSO for your users using smart links.

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User Access and External Sharing Improvements in SharePoint Online

Posted by Vasil Michev MVP on Jan 16, 2017 4:30:39 PM

It’s been a while since we covered SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, and some major improvements have arrived. The new group-backed team sites are now available, including a preview of the ODFB admin portal and conditional access. Here are important additions to restricting user access and securing external collaboration.

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Topics: Microsoft Ignite, OneDrive, SharePoint Online

Do More Via Actionable Email Messages in Exchange Online

Posted by Vasil Michev MVP on Dec 6, 2016 12:42:09 PM

Email has long been the primary communication channel for organizations of all sizes, and this is unlikely to change in the near future. Although headlines often spell doom for email and appoint its successor, email usage is actually increasing at a global scale. That's not to say email is without its problems. Lately we have seen a lot of focus on reducing the amount of time spent in Outlook, with features such as Clutter, Focused Inbox, sweep rules/actions and My Analytics.

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Topics: exchange online, Office 365, actionable email messages

Introduction to Azure Information Protection

Posted by Vasil Michev MVP on Nov 1, 2016 4:10:13 PM

Ignite ended about a month ago, and it’s time to start exploring some of the new features and services that were introduced in Atlanta. In this article, we will take a look at Azure Information Protection, the next chapter in Microsoft’s data protection story.

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Topics: Azure, Azure RMS

Advanced Security Management in Office 365 — Part 2

Posted by Vasil Michev MVP on Sep 20, 2016 3:15:08 PM

In the previous part of this series, we did a short overview of the Advanced Security Management (ASM) feature, we discussed how to enable and access it and then did a quick tour of the ASM Management portal. Now, let’s focus on working with Policies, Alerts and the Activity log.

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Topics: Security and Compliance, Office 365, Office 365 security, Office 365 security and compliance center

Advanced Security Management in Office 365 — Part 1

Posted by Vasil Michev MVP on Sep 14, 2016 12:09:08 PM

In a series of articles here on ENow’s blog over the past few months, we covered a wide variety of security and compliance-related features in Office 365. Those included improvements in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, the Preservation policies, Azure RMS auditing, Activity Alerts and more. It only seems logical to end the series by reviewing the newest product, one that promises to take care of all your auditing needs. In this article we will take a look at the Advanced Security Management feature and introduce you to the functionalities it brings.

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Topics: Security and Compliance, Office 365, Office 365 security, Office 365 security and compliance center

Activity Alerts in Office 365

Posted by Vasil Michev MVP on Aug 10, 2016 11:49:49 AM

With the ever-increasing number of services and features in Office 365, keeping up with all the changes can be a challenge. Keeping an eye on all the different ways a user can do harm, either willingly or by mistake, is not an easy task, either.

While the on-premises versions of Exchange and SharePoint do offer some form of auditing, many organizations were surprised to find out that things were quite different after their move to the cloud. There was barely any auditing in the beginning, even for tasks performed by administrators, and in other areas it was very limited. (For example, until recently, auditing owner actions was not possible in Exchange Online). It took several years for Microsoft to address those issues, but now we have a role-based, searchable, exportable, unified log across (almost) all Office 365 workloads and operations, as well as the corresponding APIs. In case you are not familiar with the unified audit log, this article is a good starting point.

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Topics: Security and Compliance, exchange online, Office 365, Office 365 security and compliance center

Meet the Azure AD PowerShell Module

Posted by Vasil Michev MVP on Jul 11, 2016 2:30:27 PM

Without any big announcements, a preview version of the Azure AD PowerShell module was released last week. In this article, we will go over the release in a bit more detail and cover some of the changes in comparison with the MSOnline module.

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Topics: Powershell, Azure, Azure active directory, azure ad, Azure AD PowerShell Module

Auditing Your Azure RMS Protected Documents

Posted by Vasil Michev MVP on Jun 14, 2016 2:10:41 PM

Azure Rights Management Service (RMS) is an information protection solution, the cloud-based version of AD RMS. The service has been rapidly evolving in the past few months, introducing features such as: the Tracking portal, which gives users the ability to audit the consumption of their protected content and revoke access if needed; full multi-factor authentication support across all RMS clients; the RMS protection tool, which provides PowerShell cmdlets to bulk (un)protect files and replaces the AD RMS Bulk Protection Tool; the Azure RMS usage logs; and more.

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Topics: Office 365, Azure, Azure RMS tracking portal, Azure RMS, Azure RMS logs

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