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Finding Real World Value in Azure Active Directory Premium

Posted by Justin Harris MVP, MCSM, MCM on Jul 27, 2016 6:21:38 AM

When you think about the value proposition for Azure Active Directory Premium, most of the features that are front and center revolve around self-service password reset, multi-factor authentication (MFA), SSO for SaaS-based applications, and enhanced reporting. These features are certainly all great examples of how the value of Azure Active Directory Premium can be demonstrated within the enterprise.

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Migrating Distribution Lists to Office 365 Groups

Posted by Nathan O'Bryan MVP, MCSM on Jul 18, 2016 10:10:51 AM

Office 365 Groups (that’s Groups with a capital “G”) are a newish feature of Office 365 that allow for collaboration across several different cloud applications. Office 365 Groups are the cloud only evolution of Site mailboxes, a technology introduced with Exchange and SharePoint 2013 that gave users a single place to access data stored on both Exchange and SharePoint.

Since those days, Office 365 Groups has grown to include significant functionality. The problem has been that, at least until recently, there was no native migration path to transform your on-premises distribution lists into Office 365 Groups other than manually recreating them. In this post, I’m going to walk you through the process of migrating on-premises distribution lists into Office 365 Groups.

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Meet the Azure AD PowerShell Module

Posted by Vasil Michev MVP on Jul 11, 2016 2:30:27 PM

Without any big announcements, a preview version of the Azure AD PowerShell module was released last week. In this article, we will go over the release in a bit more detail and cover some of the changes in comparison with the MSOnline module.

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Supervisory Review in Office 365

Posted by Nathan O'Bryan MVP, MCSM on Jul 5, 2016 9:14:12 AM

Security and compliance are big concerns for corporate customers moving to Office 365. As such, Microsoft is putting a lot of resources into ensuring that customers have the tools they need to ensure their data is kept securely and compliantly.

Recently, I went through the new Security and Compliance Center in Office 365 and wrote about the features and functionality that existed there. One section of the Security and Compliance Center that I did not dedicate much space to was a new feature called “Supervisory Review.” Today I plan to circle back and take a look at this new functionality in Office 365.

What is Supervisory Review in Office 365?

Supervisory Review is a new set of features in Office 365 that allows administrators to configure Office 365 to capture employee communications that meet specific criteria for examination by designated reviewers. The classic example of the need for this functionality is in financial services organizations. It has long been an industry requirement that an ethical firewall stand between those employees who trade securities and those who recommend securities to customers. Supervisory review policies are a way for management to enforce and monitor that ethical firewall.

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Are You Ready for Exchange 2016?

Posted by ENow Software on Jun 28, 2016 3:11:10 PM

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New DAG Activation Feature in Exchange 2016 CU2

Posted by Nathan O'Bryan MVP, MCSM on Jun 20, 2016 12:46:26 PM

Microsoft recently announced a new DAG copy activation feature that will be available in Exchange 2016 CU2, but before we talk about that, I’d like to do a quick refresher on how database copy activation works currently and will continue to work for Exchange 2013 and 2010.

The whole point of a Database Availability Group (DAG) is to have multiple copies of a database that are ready to activate in the event of a problem with the server hosting the primary copy. The suggested number of copies for a database is 4, but that depends on your backup strategy and high availability requirements. For the purpose of this article, we’ll use an organization that has four databases each with four copies on four different servers located in two sites. For the sake of the illustration, our databases will be names 1 through 4, and the copies of each database will be designated with a -1 through -4. The primary copy of database 1 will be 1-1, the quaternary (that’s the fancy word for fourth) copy of database 4 will be 4-4. Our database layout is going to look like this

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Auditing Your Azure RMS Protected Documents

Posted by Vasil Michev MVP on Jun 14, 2016 2:10:41 PM

Azure Rights Management Service (RMS) is an information protection solution, the cloud-based version of AD RMS. The service has been rapidly evolving in the past few months, introducing features such as: the Tracking portal, which gives users the ability to audit the consumption of their protected content and revoke access if needed; full multi-factor authentication support across all RMS clients; the RMS protection tool, which provides PowerShell cmdlets to bulk (un)protect files and replaces the AD RMS Bulk Protection Tool; the Azure RMS usage logs; and more.

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Office 365 Security & Compliance Center – Part 2

Posted by Nathan O'Bryan MVP, MCSM on Jun 6, 2016 6:04:25 PM

Office 365 is a collection of online services that allow organizations to use Exchange, Skype for Business, and SharePoint in the cloud. In the nearly five years that Office 365 has been available most of the organizations using Office 365 have used it just like that; for Exchange or Skype for Business or SharePoint in the cloud. Some organizations are using more than one of those services, but for the most part they are still using them separately.

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Email Safety Tips in Exchange Online

Posted by Nathan O'Bryan MVP, MCSM on May 31, 2016 2:54:10 PM

Phishing attacks are ever more common for all email users. These attacks can be specifically targeted to organizations and individual users, allowing them to appear very convincing. Most phishing email are easy to spot, but even the savviest of us can be caught off guard, end up clicking on a dangerous link in an email message, then all the sudden a bunch of servers start getting encrypted and your whole weekend is ruined. In an attempt to help reduce this problem, Microsoft is currently rolling out email safety tips as part of Exchange Online Protection in Office 365.
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Q1 Release

Posted by Paul Robichaux on May 24, 2016 8:27:56 AM

One of my favorite parts of being ENow’s CTO is bragging on the work our technical team does. I’m delighted to announce the latest GA release of the ENow Management System, (Yes, that’s an odd version number—we purposely chose it in honor of Prince’s passing. Now we can, with a straight face, tell our customers to party like it’s 1999, as long as “party” means “upgrade” and “like it’s 1999” means “with our awesome new installer.”)

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